Tom Kennedy
– M&M signed sign, AC Moore Autograph on License Plate, Women’s cardigan
Shuji Fujimaru – Jim Owens German Eagle Patch
Tom Grant – 2006 Team Jersey #12 Size M, Soccer springy clock, AC Milan Socks
Reed White – AGSS and UFSC Keychain
Buddy Wilks – License Plate Cover
John Feely – 2003 Team Jersey #3 – For Chris Lipp
Brian Roberts – Alligator Belt with hidden compartment and signature
Jerry Davila – Lanyard and Cosmetic Bag
Jon Samson – 2014 UFSC Training Top
Mo Vargas – AC Moore sweater
Jon Lenart – Blanket quilt fleece
Charlie Crispin – 2012 Jersey, UFSC Warm Up
Patrick Dube – Women’s small vest
Alex Harrell – Real Madrid and Bayern Socks
Josh Brandsdorfer – Man U Socks
Tyler Bowes – AC Moore Silk Jacket – An absolute gem of a purchase
Scott Aumann – Signatures