Agin' Gators Soccer Society

University of Florida Men's Club Soccer (UFMCS) Alumni Association Est. 1983


A few times a year we send out a Newsletter to keep the Alumni up to date on the¬†club team, the goings on at UF and to get to know each a little better, an Agin’ Gator spotlight. ¬†Check them out past issues below!


Issue 1 – November 2014

Issue 2 – January 2015

Issue 3 – May 2015

Issue 4 – December 2015

Issue 5 – April 2016

Issue 6 – August 2016


  1. Would like some info on the next alumni game thanks

    • agingators

      March 30, 2016 at 1:00 am

      The 2016 Alumni weekend is this weekend, April 1-3! If you can email agingatorswebsite [at] gmail [dot] com we can add you to the email list!

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