In 2014, Coach Alan C. Moore created the AGSS Ring of Legends, an exclusive society of AGSS members and related community individuals who deserve recognition for their dedication to the Agin’ Gators Soccer Society. The following have been inducted into the AGSS/Alan C. Moore: Ring of Legends:


Professor Emeritus/Coach Alan C. Moore
Scott Aumann
Jason Coker
Jerry Davila
Gene Garlington
Rob Hanna
Jerry McCabe
Jeff Parsons
Clyde Relick
John Remington
Celeo Rosa
Mark Seabury
Phil Singelton
Dr. Keith Stanfill
Richard White
Mark Wilson
Allan Woodward


George Bateh
Becky Burleigh [Honorary]
Julie Davis [H]
Michael Kessler [Accepted by Monica Kessler]
Dr. Robert Marino [H]
Chris McCormick
James Owens [Accepted by Diane Owens]
Sami Shaya
Max Ventura
Dr. David Weaver [Accepted by Jan Weaver]
Susan Woodward [H]

Class of 2016

Josh Brandsdorfer, Esq.
Coach Sheldon “Cip” Cipriani
Jeremy McBryan
Col. Jack Plant
Dr. Chris Rampacek
Jason Rife
Fred Shaya
Joel Stanfill