All information below was compiled and researched by Professor Emeritus University of Florida (1990) Alan C. Moore of College of Health and Human Performance (1953-1990), Founder of University of Florida Soccer Club in September of 1953, and the Club’s “Pro Bono” Coach from 1953-1990.

In 1921 soccer was introduced at the University of Florida, but it was not until 1922 that the first team was formed.  On Thanksgiving Day in 1922, the first game of Varsity “soccer football” was played at Live Oak against Suwannee High School of Leesburg, Florida.  The inaugural game ended in a 2-2 tie.  Soccer continued at the University of Florida until 1927, however no records became available until 1953.

In 1953, the University of Florida Soccer Club (UFSC) was formed in September under the jurisdiction of the Department of Intramural Athletics and Recreation of the College of Physical Education, Health and Athletics (In 1946, UF became the first college to have “Athletics” in its name).  It received a great deal of guidance from D.K. Stanley, Dean of the College of Physical Education and Health, and from Spurgeon Cherry, Head of the Department of Intramural Athletics and Recreation. In 1976, the name of the Club was changed to the University of Florida Men’s Soccer Club (UFMSC) with the addition of women’s athletics at the University of Florida. In 2002, the Club name was changed once again, this time to its current and final name, the University of Florida Men’s Club Soccer (UFMCS) and lays claim as the “Oldest Collegiate Club Soccer Team” in the United States.

Celio Rosa, a student from Honduras, was captain from 1953-1957 and was instrumental in the UFMCS organization. Assistant Professor of Physical Education Alan C. Moore, former soccer coach at the University of North Carolina was appointed Faculty Advisor/Coach.

The objectives of the UFMCS are to give all students who are interested in playing or learning soccer an opportunity to do so and to develop interest in the game on the University of Florida campus, throughout the Southeast, and across the United States.  Games are played among the club members and against outside teams, if possible.  While the University Athletic Association continues to flourish, at this time it is not anticipated that in the near future there will be any change in the basic structure of the UFMCS by the creation of a Varsity Mens Soccer Team.

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